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Are you considering selling your commercial property? Attracting qualified buyers to your commercial real estate listing can be a daunting process. There is much more to advertising your listing than simply installing signage. Our experts will make sure your listing has a full mix of marketing strategies to get the attention it deserves. We will provide an aggressive marketing mix to get your property sold quickly and profitably.


At Sovereign Realty Advisors in Essex County Massachusetts, we know what it takes to make your commercial property catch the attention of potential buyers. Our team can help you throughout the entire process, from creating beautiful brochures to helping you negotiate with potential buyers. Whether you buy and flip commercial properties to sell or you simply want to move on from one of your commercial properties, our team can help you sell it for the best price. Learn more and get in touch today!

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We know how to attract quality buyers to your property

We will help put together a mix of effective marketing strategies

We understand the market and how to make your property sell

We have extensive knowledge of the industry and our communities

We will work hard to ensure your property sells fast and for the best price

Our Expertise

Attracting quality buyers to your property


Different areas will require premium pricing while other, more rural areas, will offer better deals. Explore the possibilities of your business or investment needs and decide which location would provide the best return-on-investment.


Visible signage is a great tool to show your property is available for sale. Signs allow passers-by the opportunity to check out your property and call the number to inquire. Using a local expert real estate agent will insure those inquires are met in a timely manner, leaving you time for your personal life.

Online Databases

Investors and buyers are utilizing the internet more than ever before. If your property isn’t listed online, it’s missing out on a majority of opportunities from direct buyers and agents looking for appropriate properties for their investors.


Providing a full report of demographics can be helpful to your potential buyers. They will want to know the area’s population, median house-hold income, and density. Giving this information will keep your potential buyer engaged.


Research your competition thoroughly to find fair market value on your property. Our experts will pull a list of similar properties that have sold in your area and their final pricing. This helps strategize what your own price range should be.

Traffic Counts

Depending on your tenants’ needs, traffic counts – whether high or low – will be preferred by particular types of businesses. Finding a nearby intersection traffic count can be a great tool when negotiating with potential buyers.


Selling Commercial Property

When it comes to selling a commercial property, it can be difficult to find quality buyers. Whether you have too much on your plate and need to sell one of your many properties or you flipped a property and now want to sell it for a profit, selling a commercial property can be a long and challenging process. No matter why you are selling your commercial space, we know you want the process to move as quickly as possible while receiving the best price for your property.

Our team at Sovereign Realty Advisors can help ensure that the entire selling process is as simple as possible and that you can receive the best price. We have a ton of experience and knowledge of the industry, allowing us to make selling your commercial property easier than you could have imagined.

The selling process involves understanding how to properly list and advertise your property, being able to sort through potential buyers, negotiating, and more. Instead of stressing throughout the entire process, let our team handle the process for you. When you work with us, you can relax and know that your commercial property is in good hands. We will work with you to find the best buyers for your commercial property, help you get the best price, and sell your property quickly.

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Hear What Our Customers Say

We just sold a commercial property in Gloucester and Fred Newton made the process a walk in the park! I’ve never experienced such an easy process from the time he found a potential buyer to the day of closing. He helped us determine a comfortable asking price and negotiate terms, directed us to an awesome attorney, and made the journey simple and painless. I'd be happy to recommend Fred Newton and Sovereign Realty Advisors to anyone looking to buy, sell or lease commercial real estate.
Mary LoJacono
I would consider it a privilege to recommend Fred Newton. The sale of property is a very stressful process, but he reduced that stress level for me and my family. Of course, he didn't eliminate all the stress, but he greatly lowered it. I found him to be very likeable and very willing to help in any situation.
Shawn Kelly
Fred Newton managed the sale of our building with utmost professionalism; he addressed our concerns in a timely and knowledgeable manner; took initiatives on our behalf and coordinated the transactions between the attorneys and real estate agents for both parties. All of this was accompanied with a smile. We highly recommend Fred and would definitely avail ourselves of his services again.
Maggie Rosa
We purchased 189 Main Street in Gloucester, Massachusetts through the Sovereign Realty Advisors and they were very helpful not just with closing the deal but with helping us to get local quality contractors, architects, lawyers, etc for the rebirth of the building. This value add saved us many hours and brought to us some trusted advisors and contractors who we will be using for many years I am sure. They are a professional group who knows commercial real estate and I would recommend them highly.
Kenneth W. Hecht

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We understand tax and zoning rules, as well as, market data financial analysis, asset management and more. We can act as liaisons between buyers, sellers, leasers, and tenants for all commercial transaction. We do extensive demographic and location information plus provide in-depth financial analysis to determine if the property is a good fit for clients.


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