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Does your property suffer from persistent vacancies? Allow our experts to provide strategic leasing programs. These programs are designed to boost asset value, increase cash flow, and decrease carrying costs. Our clients benefit from our thorough property and market analysis, management strategy, and knowledge of local trends. We can help you determine if market trends such as lease rates, vacancies, and competition are affecting your building’s ability to attract high-quality tenants.


At Sovereign Realty Advisors in Essex County in Massachusetts, we are experts when it comes to commercial real estate. We can help you find the reason behind your consistent vacancies and help you reevaluate your strategy to keep your commercial property filled with high-quality tenants. If you have trouble keeping your commercial property filled, our team can help! Learn more about our leasing services and contact us to get started today.

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We understand how to make your property more attractive to tenants

We have extensive knowledge of the commercial real estate industry and our community

We can provide you with guidance and help you find the reason for vacancies

We will help you learn how to properly market your property

We will work hard to ensure that you learn how to attract high-quality tenants

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Attracting quality tenants to your property


Different areas will require premium pricing while other, more rural areas, will offer better deals. Explore the possibilities of your business or investment needs and decide which location would provide the best return on investment.


Obtaining a property with close proximity to an airport, rails, post office, laboratory or vendor may be important to obtaining quality tenants. Consider the best tenants for your property type and make decisions based on their individual needs.

Demographic Reports

Demographics reports are especially important when purchasing retail, but are also helpful to office and industrial purchases. Consider where ideal customers will reside or the greatest opportunity for preferred employees. Manufacturing businesses may require nearby public transit while retail will want high population counts. A full demographic survey will pinpoint the ideal tenants for your property.


Do you want to be as far away from your competitors as possible? Do you want a list of their locations to assess opportunities they may be missing? Our experts can provide advice on locations that will capitalize on your competitor’s shortcomings.

Traffic Counts

Different businesses will prefer different traffic counts. Retail stores will often want the busiest street corners but office and industrial may not. When you understand the traffic counts of your properties, finding the right tenants is simpler.

Compare Rates

Understanding exactly what your competition is offering can help your negotiation strategies when dealing with potential buyers. Note the differences in building types or amenities offered. These factors will all affect the pricing strategies of individual buildings.

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Leasing Commercial Property

When you invest in commercial property, with the intent to lease it out to different businesses, it is necessary that you have tenants filling it in order to make money off of your investment. If you find that your property is left vacant for months at a time, your return on investment is not as great as it could be. Instead of sitting around waiting for the next tenant, learn how to keep your property filled!

At Sovereign Realty Advisors, our team can help you learn how to do just that. We understand what it takes to not only find quality tenants for your commercial properties but also keep them there. We will help you learn more about the market and demographic you should be trying to reach and show you how to actually reach them. With our help, you will have fewer vacancies in your commercial property.

Leasing your commercial property requires an understanding of the type of tenets that will thrive in your space, the market, and the community. When you are on the search for the right tenants, there is a lot that should be taken into account. While any tenant may seem like a better tenant than none at all, if you lease your space to the wrong tenant, you will likely find your properly vacant before you know it, sending you back on the hunt for a new tenant.

Instead, you can learn how to find the right tenant for your commercial property, allowing you to keep it filled for a longer period of time. When you keep your space filled, you will make more money off your investment. Our team can help you keep your space filled and learn how to find the perfect tenants.

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Hear What Our Customers Say

We have worked with Fred Newton at Sovereign Realty Advisors as both a sellers and buyers rep, and he has never let us down. His insight and experience in the commercial real estate industry has always made the process move forward in a positive manner. We would never think of using anyone else!
We all have a relative or family friend who sells real estate. Very few of us know a true real estate professional, like Fred Newton. The differences are astounding. Any realtor can write up an offer, or list a property. Very few will give you 100% of their talent, experience and honesty; why you should, or SHOULDN'T make an offer. Fred Newton is in a class of his own. Having Fred on your team is like having a professional baseball player pitch hitting for you against little league players. Fred helped me with an in-depth search that spanned over a year for a multi-family in Gloucester. I thought I knew a lot about investment properties and how to evaluate them. I couldn't have been more mistaken. Learning from Fred was an extensive and incredibly valuable experience that resulted in a sound investment that matches my needs perfectly. I will never buy or sell an investment property again, without Fred by my side.
Matthew R.
I worked with Fred Newton at Sovereign Realty Advisors to find a multi-use commercial building on the north shore. Fred identified several options to consider and found the perfect building that included warehouse space and a finished office in the ideal location. If you are looking for a commercial real estate broker who clearly knows the market and can lead you through the process, I would highly recommend working with Fred.
Tim Donovan
We just sold a commercial property in Gloucester and Fred Newton made the process a walk in the park! I’ve never experienced such an easy process from the time he found a potential buyer to the day of closing. He helped us determine a comfortable asking price and negotiate terms, directed us to an awesome attorney, and made the journey simple and painless. I'd be happy to recommend Fred Newton and Sovereign Realty Advisors to anyone looking to buy, sell or lease commercial real estate.
Mary LoJacono

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