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Sovereign Realty Advisors is here to support you with buying, selling, and leasing commercial properties in Danvers, MA. Put our experience to work for you! We help make the real estate process streamlined and much easier. Contact Sovereign Realty Advisors for a commercial real estate broker who has your best interests in mind!


6 Expert Commercial Real Estate Tips

Trying to find the perfect office space? Consider these six tips:

  1. Stop looking for perfection
  2. Choose a location near where your customers are
  3. Minimize costs; don’t get a place bigger than you need
  4. Identify your top priorities in advance
  5. Look for a space with flexible lease terms and flexible growth options
  6. Get professional assistance from a local commercial real estate brokerage

Key Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Real Estate Broker

Whether you are looking for a new office building, warehouse, or another type of commercial space for your company in Danvers, you may be wondering whether hiring a commercial real estate broker is really necessary. Sure, there is a lot you need to know about buying, leasing, and selling — both legally and financially — but what difference does a commercial real estate broker really make?

Our Difference

Hiring a commercial real estate broker in Danvers is crucial to ensure you are not getting stuck with a lease that is bad for your business. Even more, we help you find the right building for you, streamline the transaction process, and ensure you get the best deal for you. Trust our local Danvers market knowledge and leverage our connections, technology, and skills to save time, money, reduce stress, and get a more favorable contract.


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In the competitive Danvers real estate market, it makes a big difference to have an expert by your side providing you with valuable information and guidance so you can feel confident in the decisions you make. Whether you’re interested in expanding your current portfolio of investments, would like to get top dollar for your Danvers property for sale, or are looking for help leasing your space, you can rely on Sovereign Realty Advisors to help! Check out our current listings for real estate in Danvers today!

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We understand tax and zoning rules, as well as, market data financial analysis, asset management and more. We can act as liaisons between buyers, sellers, leasers, and tenants for all commercial transaction. We do extensive demographic and location information plus provide in-depth financial analysis to determine if the property is a good fit for clients.


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