Meet our Commercial Real Estate Team

At Sovereign Realty Advisors, we are your best source for commercial real estate in Essex county. Our team of professionals has the knowledge and experience to assist you in your real estate needs, whether you want to sell, buy, or lease. Read more about our amazing commercial real estate team and how we can help you! Contact us today for more information!

Meet Our Commercial Real Estate Team

Thank you for taking the time to meet our commercial real estate team.  We believe after you have read our extensive background in commercial real estate that you will be confident in hiring us has your commercial business real estate broker in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.


Eric Loiacano

Eric Loiacano founded Sovereign Realty Advisors in 2007. Before finding the company, Eric spent over 20 years as a real estate developer. Overseeing project development allowed Eric to gain expertise in permitting, financing new construction projects, and sales and leasing industrial, office, multi-residential, and mixed-use space. Eric implements his knowledge to guide clients throughout the process involved in real estate!

Fred Newton

Fred Newton joined Sovereign Realty Advisors in 2013. Before joining, he spent seven years as Director of Sales & Marketing for a privately owned real estate development firm. Fred holds experience managing multi-residential portfolios and selling and leasing commercial properties. With over 20 years of experience, Fred has the knowledge to provide for each client with confidence!


Not Just Advisors

We do not just simply advise our clients. We like to think of them as partners because we want to see them succeed. Commercial real estate is an ever-evolving industry that requires constant learning, expertise, and connections to stay ahead. Working with us, you will receive service from a team with a genuine passion for the business and guidance towards our clients.

Why Work With Us?

Whether you need to buy, sell, or lease commercial property, we are your best source for expertise on marketing, turnover rates, and overall sales numbers. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with the best advantages to take on the industry, and we stop at nothing to satisfy your desires!


If you are in need of a commercial real estate team in Essex county with numerous years of experience and knowledge, look no further than Sovereign Realty Advisors. Contact us today to get started!