How Relationships Between Landlord and Tenant Can Improve Business

Providing quality service is the best way to keep clients happy and to ensure they continue leasing in your building.

Quality service is a concept that can be quite useful in the Massachusetts property market as more and more people are renting homes and landlords are expected to provide more features, more amenities and more service than ever before. In the past, the only contact a landlord and tenant had was when paying the rent or when there was a problem and maintenance was needed. Today, by creating stronger landlord/tenant relationships, we can also have better communication between the two and that can lead to a better experience for everyone.

Ways A Landlord Can Create A Better Relationship with Their Tenants

Engage with your Tenants- by addressing tenant needs and ensuring their satisfaction, landlords can learn a lot about the particular business and how to improve the space they provide. Improved service can lead to increased income, decreased tenant turnover rates and a more proactive landlord/tenant experience.

Be Dependable- being trustworthy and dependable are two ways that landlords can strengthen the landlord/tenant relationship and have more satisfied tenants who are more willing to renew their leases. If you tell a tenant that you will do something, be sure to do it and don’t put it off. Owning and renting a property is a business and it should be treated as such.

Communication- proper communication is important to a successful landlord/tenant relationship. Making sure they understand your rules and that you listen to your tenants and accept their suggestions is as important as the service you provide.

By engaging with the tenant, being dependable and having proper communication, you will not only grow the landlord/tenant relationship, but your business as well. Satisfied tenants usually renew their leases which means less vacancies and more profits. Also, you can get some effective word of mouth advertising from your satisfied tenants when one of your properties does become vacant as they will be more likely to recommend you to their friends and family.

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