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Are you a business owner in Massachusetts looking for a commercial real estate property to invest in? Sovereign Realty Advisors has a wide variety of listings available. Whether you are looking for raw land, industrial space, office space, retail space, or something else, we can help you find the perfect commercial real estate in Massachusetts for your needs.

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  • Honesty and integrity
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  • Attention to detail
  • Deep understanding of the Massachusetts real estate market
  • Strong network of connections

Office Space & Retail Building Listings in Massachusetts

Sovereign Realty Advisors makes it easy to find reasonably priced office space and retail buildings in the best neighborhoods throughout Massachusetts. Find suitable office space in the heart of Boston or the surrounding neighborhoods as well. We also have retail building listings throughout the state of all different sizes, so you can find the option that best meets your needs. 

Sovereign Realty Advisors can also help you find land lots of from one to 160 acres and a variety of zoning allowances to meet your specific needs.


Looking for an industrial building location in Massachusetts to rent, lease, or buy? We can help you find the perfect space for your budget and intended use in the location you prefer.

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