How Our Self-Storage Facilities Can Help You

The many uses of self-storage in Rockport

You may wonder why self-storage facilities are popping up everywhere. What possibly could this be that's being put in all these spaces? What is the best use for a self-storage space? In a resulting survey on why people need self-storage, close to 41% of customers confirmed using extra storage for moving. The second-largest pool, 17% of customers, confirmed their use of extra storage for decluttering reasons. Want to know more ways the Sovereign Realty Advisors self-storage facility in Rockport can help you? Read on.

Images of boxes spilling out of the back of a car

Offsetting the Stress of Moving

There are many distinct circumstances in which we find ourselves needing to move. Regardless of whether we are moving to a new state or into our first home, the moving process can be stressful.

Thus, temporarily renting a separate storage unit can be the answer to all the stress. In addition, commercial property for self-storage can be necessary when downsizing — moving into a smaller home, staging a home for sale, when your apartment closing date gets pushed back, or consolidating two homes.

For More Home Space

Since long ago, people have been intensely craving to declutter. However, at times, we are not in the capacity to discard any of our belongings. This is because they might belong to a family member who's out of town or presence of a sentimental attachment. Many people in such a situation will rent or buy a self-storage unit for a smooth decluttering process while ensuring their homes remain tidy. People with a hang for house décor pieces can also use storage units to switch them from time to time.

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Image of RVs in storage

Vehicle Safekeeping Off-Season

People do not only store their cars. They also store RVs, motorcycles, boats, and more in storage facilities in the off-seasons. This is mainly for people who do not have long enough driveways to hold their vehicles. Storage units can therefore be a cost-effective option. Our self-storage commercial properties have these additional storage options: outdoor parking spaces, covered outdoor spaces, and climate-controlled interior units.

Organization of Business Inventory

Have you tried starting a new business and had filled your entire house space? At first, it can look like an intelligent cost-saving option but will eventually start disorienting your sanity. If you are a small business owner, our commercial real estate agent can help you track the best rent storage unit that will help you save on costs while keeping track of your inventory.

Image of a small business owner getting inventory from her storage unit