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Currently, the real estate market is among the fastest-growing industries, and the trend doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Therefore, it calls for keen attention to detail when making any trade in the industry. Many people have a preference for off-markets when selling or reselling commercial real estate properties. Nonetheless, having a commercial real estate agent from a reputable brokerage real estate firm like Sovereign Realty Advisors in Lynn presents a list of good benefits, as discussed below.

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We Drive Competition

When doing it off-market, you are your marketing strategist, which can sometimes be daunting. But, on the contrary, entrusting the property to a commercial real estate agent like Sovereign Realty Advisors ensures that the building is professionally marketed to potential investors, creating an inevitable competition. From this competition comes the “fear of loss” and can drive the net price of the building higher at closing.

Wider Markets to Leverage

Using a brokerage firm to sell your commercial property ensures that your property is marketed to broader markets of many qualified potential buyers. In addition, we have crisp marketing strategies ensuring that your property is shown to the right people and for enough periods. The reason is that we talk to buyers and sellers every time so we know to whom we should specifically market your commercial property.

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Multiple Listing Platforms

There are many listing platforms on which you can promote your commercial property. Note that there is higher traffic of interested buyers on these platforms. There are also sites for specific types of property, like storage units and land. Signing with a real estate securities firm that syndicates across multiple platforms daily ensures that your property gets maximum eyes.

You Get Ethical Benefits

As an investment firm, we instigate a relationship-based approach that concentrates on the transaction and ensures the customer’s long-term interests come first. As a result, we seek to know the product type we are trading and the plethora of investors and property owners we transact with, their requirements, and occupational history.

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Your typical seller goals are to sell the property to the highest and most qualified buyer and come to closing quickly and smoothly. Entering a comprehensive representation agreement for your property ensures the correct investment procession that generates a higher return. Engage the Sovereign Realty Advisors today to secure the best buyer for your property in Lynn. Contact us today for a competitive and well-managed listing for your commercial property.

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We understand tax and zoning rules, as well as, market data financial analysis, asset management and more. We can act as liaisons between buyers, sellers, leasers, and tenants for all commercial transaction. We do extensive demographic and location information plus provide in-depth financial analysis to determine if the property is a good fit for clients.


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