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Partner with Sovereign Realty Advisors for an unbiased account of the task at hand. Our commercial real estate agents take into account all the necessary factors when narrowing down your options to find you accommodations best suited to your needs. We have a pulse on the local Salem real estate market, and can quickly help you find the best spots, learn about area restrictions, and zoning/use factors. Get in touch with us today to leverage our connections, expertise, and technology to achieve a more successful sale or purchase.


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Welcome to Salem!

Salem is a historical town along the coast in Essex County, MA. European settlement in the region began in 1626, and it quickly became an important North American seaport. With a population of only 44,480 in 2020, it’s a relatively quiet, peaceful city.  The cultural identity of the city is dominated by the infamous Salem witch trials of 1692, which nowadays has led to witch museums, athletic teams named the “Witches”, and so on.

If you are a business owner looking to buy a commercial property in the charming town of Salem, be sure to consider these three tips:

3 Expert Tips for Finding Commercial Real Estate in Salem

  1. Brokerage that knows the region — It’s crucial when you are looking for a commercial real estate broker in Salem to find one that knows a great deal about the area. When it comes to Beverly commercial real estate, leverage decades’ worth of knowledge with Sovereign Realty Advisors. Contact us today to get started!
  2. Put yourself in your employees’/customers’ shoes — When selecting a property, get an idea about the broader neighborhood and the amenities they will need, such as public transport.
  3. Trust your instincts — You are already a successful business person — otherwise you are unlikely to be in a situation where you can buy a new commercial property. Trust your first impressions while always keeping the bigger picture in mind.
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Sovereign Real Estate Advisors, owned and operated by Eric Loiacana, has years of experience investing and managing numerous multi-residential, industrial, and retail spaces in and around Salem. Some of our core areas of expertise include permitting, financing of new construction processes, office real estate, multi-residential real estate, and mixed-use spaces.

As a real estate brokerage company, Sovereign Real Estate Advisors is focused on providing you comprehensive support in going from a dream to a reality with your Salem commercial real estate needs. From buying and selling to leasing and self-storage arrangements, we can help. Check out our current listings for real estate in Salem today!

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We understand tax and zoning rules, as well as, market data financial analysis, asset management and more. We can act as liaisons between buyers, sellers, leasers, and tenants for all commercial transaction. We do extensive demographic and location information plus provide in-depth financial analysis to determine if the property is a good fit for clients.


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